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Friday, July 1, 2022

Aussies to devour record number of democracy sausages

Whatever their political leanings, Australians are united by the prospect of a snack after hitting the polling booth each federal election.

This election day there were more sausages sizzling at polling booths than last time around in 2019, according to mapping service Democracy Sausage

The service, which uses crowdsourced data to map polling locations with sausage sizzles and cake stalls, said there were more booths barbecuing than in 2019, with some 2229 polling stations cooking up a storm.

This means an estimated 3.8 million voters will have access to a democracy sausage – more than 47 per cent of the eight million Aussies expected to vote in person on Saturday. 

NSW voters were most likely to have access to a snag, with 1.19 million voters enjoying sizzles at their booths, followed closely by Victoria, at 1.05 million then Queensland (586,000), Western Australia (496,496), South Australia (305,600), ACT (138,811), Tasmania (80,162), and NT (14,321).

The Democracy Sausage Map also shows which polling places offer up cake stalls, vegetarian options, halal food, coffee, or bacon and egg rolls.

It might be ‘all about the economy’, but the amount of banger for your buck varied depending on a voter’s location. 

Camdenville Public School in Sydney’s Newtown offered a variety of sausages named after politicians, including the Tony Burken and Egg roll, the Albacheesy, and the Barnaby pulled pork-barrel roll, for prices between $4 and $6.

On offer at the cake stall were Engadine Macca-roons and Jacqui Lamingtons.

In Labor leader Anthony Albanese’s electorate of Grayndler in Sydney’s inner west – home of the sticky debate pudding and quarantine florentines – a sausage on a bun was $5 while a gourmet democracy dog would set you back $10.

Meanwhile at Lancaster Primary School in Stanhope in Victoria, sausages had survived inflation woes at a cut-price $2.50.

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