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Friday, July 1, 2022

Which seats have changed hands at election

More than 20 seats in the House of Representatives have changed hands or look likely to change across the nation, with independents set to pick up a total of six seats in NSW and Victoria. Here’s the list so far, with counting set to continue:


Fowler – Kristina Keneally (ALP) to Dai Le (IND)

Hughes – Craig Kelly (IND) to Jenny Ware (LIB) 

Gilmore – Fiona Phillips (ALP) is trailing Andrew Constance (LIB)

Reid – Fiona Martin (LIB) to Sally Sitou (ALP)

Robertson – Lucy Wicks (LIB) to Gordon Reid (ALP)

Wentworth – Dave Sharma (LIB) to Allegra Spender (IND)

Mackellar – Jason Falinski (LIB) to Sophie Scamps (IND)

North Sydney – Trent Zimmerman (LIB) to Kylea Tink (IND)

Hunter – Joel Fitzgibbon (ALP retired) to Dan Repacholi (ALP)


Chisholm – Gladys Liu (LIB) to Carina Garland (ALP)

Goldstein – Tim Wilson (LIB) to Zoe Daniel (IND)

Nicholls – Damian Drum (NAT retired) to Sam Birrell (NAT)

Kooyong – Josh Frydenberg (LIB) to Monique Ryan (IND)

Higgins – Katie Allen (LIB) to Michelle Ananda-Rajah (ALP)


Pearce – Christian Porter (LIB retired) to Tracey Roberts (ALP)

Hasluck – Ken Wyatt (LIB) to Tania Lawrence (ALP)

Swan – Steve Irons (LIB retired) to Zaneta Mascarenhas (ALP)

Tangney – Ben Morton (LIB) to Sam Lim (ALP)


Griffith – Terri Butler (ALP) is trailing Max Chandler-Mather (GRE)

Ryan – Julian Simmonds (LIB) to Elizabeth Watson-Brown (GRE)


Boothby – Nicolle Flint (LIB retired) to Louise Miller-Frost (ALP)


* New Victorian seat of Hawke to Sam Rae (ALP) 

* WA seat of Stirling abolished. Vince Connolly (LIB) lost in Cowan to Anne Aly (ALP).

By Paul Osborne and Alex Mitchell in Canberra